YEGUO-Nata de coco production base



About us

In 1996,an invention patent of the founder of the company,Ms。Zhong Chunyan,"The Dietary Fiber Fermentedfrom Coconut Water and Production Method"(patent number:96100534。3) ended Hainan Island's history of abandoning coconut water and polluting the environment for thousands of years and has created a brand new nata de coco industry with a production value of 2 billion a year。

In the course of 22 years of innovation and entrepreneurship,the company has been committed to the development and application of nata de coco and related products,establishing the only Acetobacter species library with independent intellectual property rights in the industry and the core technology of biological fermentation to produce bacterial cellulose and deep processing。

Besides,the company has been applied 178 patents,including 123 authorization and effective patents,2 items of "Haikou patent gold award",1 itemof "Haikou Patent excellence award",6 items of "Chian patent excellence award",2 items of "China patent gold award".

The company has passed ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System,ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management System,HACCP Certification,SGS Certification,and Hygiene Registration of Export Food Enterprises.The mainly products contain:Acid nata de coco,Sweetened nata de coco,Cold-resistant nata de coco,nata de coco jam,nata de coco edible gel etc.Presently,the nata de coco is appiled widely in dairy product,Beverage,jelly,ice cream,baked foods,and other food industries. And also become enterprise strategic partner of many well-known company like Mengniu Dairy(Group) Co.,Ltd., Guangdong Strong(Group) Co.,Ltd.,Henan Shuanghui Group Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Sangwang food Group Co.,Ltd.Besides,and have established or are building entity company,in nationwide like,Tianjin,Nanjing,Chengdu,Sichuan province,Hebei Baoding,Ding an,Haikou city high-tech zone medicine valley and etc.And it is the biggest nata de coco manufacturing enterprises in China even in the world.

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